[FRPythoneers] Strong Typing vs. Strong Testing

Rob Riggs rob at pangalactic.org
Fri May 9 14:10:22 MDT 2003

Evelyn Mitchell wrote:

>* On 2003-05-09 18:27 Rob Riggs <rob at pangalactic.org> wrote:
>>I found this interesting article on Bruce Eckel's blog: 
>Aahz commented somewhere that he really disliked that Bruce confused
>dynamically typed and weakly typed all through this article.
I would say that most people equate, at some level, dynamically typed 
languages with weakly typed languages.  Python happens to be both.  It's 
weakly typed in more ways than just its dynamism.  (And Aahz is a bit 
too excitable at times.)

In truth, I would find that type strength is a continuum, and that 
"strong" and "weak" labels are only useful when comparing typing 
systems.  In the case of Bruce's article, I completely agree with his 
comparison of Java as the "strongly typed" language with Python as 
"weakly typed".

"Weakly typed" used to be  a derogatory term, much like "geek".  I think 
that's why it tends to be disliked.  We should learn to embrace it.


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