[FRPythoneers] New to Python... need help RE: ADSI and Active Directory

Brian Jarrett bjarrett at garcoschools.org
Thu Mar 27 17:34:21 MST 2003

I realize that most of you may be using Python on Linux, and I'd like to keep it there, but I just can't.  I've decided to use Python because of its platform independence and I want to learn a language that I can use on Windows, Linux and even OS X.

My current project is to build a user-friendly website that allows school secretaries to enter information about a new student and have it create a user account for them in Active Directory.  It'll also need to allow some employees to reset student user accounts.
After that I'd like to add pages that allow any user on the school district's network to change their own password.

The environment is almost 50/50 Windows and Mac, and I'm introducing some Linux in for advanced systems.  For now, Active Directory is my LDAP provider and I have my Mac OS X server authenticating from it.

If there is anyone that has specific experience using Python to manage Active Directory objects (particularly doing searches) I'd really like to get some assistance from you.


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