Regrets (Re: [FRPythoneers] March 17, 2003 -- FRPythoneers Meeting)

Uche Ogbuji uche.ogbuji at
Mon Mar 17 15:56:56 MST 2003

> March 17, 2003, 7:00PM at Level 3 Communications in Broomfield, CO.
> Narval: AI for Python Hackers
> Uche Ogbuj
> Narval is the very nifty information management framework by Logilabs. 
> It uses the flexibility and extensibility of both Python and XML to 
> support tasks from news aggregation to personal planning scheduling. 
> Uche Ogbuji will demonstrate Narval and explain briefly how it works, 
> and how easily it can be customized. For some background you may want to 
> see Uche's 2001 article on Narval: 

I'm really sorry, folks.  I was already going to have to speak on another 
topic, because I can't get current versions of Narval to play nicely with all 
the various permutations of prerequisites on my laptop (particularly PyGTK).  
Narval development is on hiatus while Logilabs hunkers down on paying work, 
and though I know the code base pretty well, I think it will need another good 
spurt of work from the core developrs before Narval is ready for use again.  I 
could have back-dated all my software to 2001-2002, when I used to use Narval 
pretty heavily, but this would be quite difficult, and I think would make for 
a less useful talk.

To make matters worse, I really don't think I can make it tonight at all.  I 
am pretty much buried with tasks with passed deadlines and need to get at 
least a few checked off.  If I am able to before 7:00, I shall still come, but 
it might be best to plan a contingency.

Sorry for the lateness of this message: I thought could work things out until 
today's mad rush proved me wrong.

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