[FRPythoneers] looking for help with elementtree

Uche Ogbuji uche.ogbuji at fourthought.com
Sat Jun 28 08:12:33 MDT 2003

> After reading in an element tree from XML, I get
> an element from the tree like this:
>     properties = tree.find('PROPERTIES')
> If I wrap properties in an ElementTree and write, the XML
> output is:
> <PROPERTIES><ENVELOPE minx="-106" maxx="-105" miny="40" maxy="41"/>


> however, I am not able to find the ENVELOPE element under
>      properties.find('ENVELOPE')
> returns None.
> How can find() return None when I am finding an element tagged 
> when iterating over properties?

find() acts differently depending on the instance on which you invoke it.  See 
if properties.getroot().find(path) does what you want.

Frankly, find() has always bewildered me.  And I think it's in a bit of flux 
as /F works in his experimental XPath implementation.

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