[FRPythoneers] popen

Cary Miller Cary.Miller at uchsc.edu
Tue Jun 17 16:43:25 MDT 2003

Hello pythoneers,
   My ultimate goal is to run an ssh session programatically.  So I want 
to open a pipe and read/write from/to it.  I can write but when I read 
the session hangs.  Here is an example using cat instead of ssh.

>>> ch = popen2.Popen4('cat')
>>> ch.tochild.write ('hello')
>>> ch.tochild.write ('goodbye\n')
>>> ch.tochild.write ('farewell\n')
>>> ch.tochild.write ('^D')
>>> ch.fromchild.read()
Hangs forever here.

It must be something very simple but I am stumped.  What am I missing?

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