[FRPythoneers] Python GUI Applications

Ferdinand Schmid fschmid at archenergy.com
Mon Jun 2 13:10:39 MDT 2003

I didn't mention Tkinter for its speed and not very polishsed looks.  I 
didn't want to produce an application that would be considered ugly, 
difficult to use, ...  I had to learn that looks really matter for some 
people and even Java Swing is considered too slow and ugly by some.


Bill Simons wrote:

>I am in the same situation of looking at Python GUIs and am interested
>in the replies to this thread.
>You didn't mention Python's default Tkinter GUI (don't know of any
>builder tools, but I assume Tk must have a few).  Another good 
>looking choice are wxWindows/wxPython which are free.  From playing 
>around with it, the free BoaConstructor seems to be a good quality tool
>for wxPython.
>Bill Simons

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