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Bill Simons BSimons at geographix.com
Mon Jun 2 12:55:09 MDT 2003

I am in the same situation of looking at Python GUIs and am interested
in the replies to this thread.

You didn't mention Python's default Tkinter GUI (don't know of any
builder tools, but I assume Tk must have a few).  Another good 
looking choice are wxWindows/wxPython which are free.  From playing 
around with it, the free BoaConstructor seems to be a good quality tool
for wxPython.

Bill Simons

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From: Ferdinand Schmid [mailto:fschmid at archenergy.com]
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Do any of you have experience with Python GUI applications?  So far I 
found that there is Qt support (also commercial through Blackadder) and 
GTK support (pyglade). 

I am currently trying to weigh my options for a small application that 
also involves serial port IO.  Based on the desired platform support 
(Linux and Windows) I am considering the Python and Java options.

Since I don't like to type my GUI (emacs is great for code development 
but I just can't be efficient with it for graphical layouts) I would 
like to find a graphical UI designer that ideally also writes the 
framework for event handlers.

It would be great to find an environment that won't turn out to be 
obsolete in 2 years ;)

Your candid information/feedback is appreciated,

Ferdinand Schmid
Architectural Energy Corporation
Celebrating 21 Years of Improving Building Energy Performance

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