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Erick Bodine erick at allocity.com
Mon Jun 2 12:49:01 MDT 2003

I would say "Based on the desired platform support (Linux and Windows)",
that you should take a hard look at wxPython/wxWindows.  For the UI
designer, you could use wxDesigner, costs $, but worth it.

wxPython = http://www.wxpython.org/
wxDesigner = http://www.roebling.de/


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Do any of you have experience with Python GUI applications?  So far I 
found that there is Qt support (also commercial through Blackadder) and 
GTK support (pyglade). 

I am currently trying to weigh my options for a small application that 
also involves serial port IO.  Based on the desired platform support 
(Linux and Windows) I am considering the Python and Java options.

Since I don't like to type my GUI (emacs is great for code development 
but I just can't be efficient with it for graphical layouts) I would 
like to find a graphical UI designer that ideally also writes the 
framework for event handlers.

It would be great to find an environment that won't turn out to be 
obsolete in 2 years ;)

Your candid information/feedback is appreciated,

Ferdinand Schmid
Architectural Energy Corporation
Celebrating 21 Years of Improving Building Energy Performance

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