[FRPythoneers] Considering programming our own school administration system in Python... need advise.

Don Hillmuth hillmuth at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 10 11:36:13 MDT 2003

Consider Zope - www.zope.org.  

--- Brian Jarrett <bjarrett at garcoschools.org> wrote:
> Hello all,
> I'm VERY new to Python and need advise on how to go
> about creating an application that would keep
> information on teachers, students, classes, grades
> and disciplinary actions for a small school
> district.  We currently spend close to $6K a year on
> support for software that really doesn't fit what we
> need very well.
> Some background:
> Since our district is on a WAN, client/server apps
> can be slow over the T1s between schools, so I
> thought going to a web-based application might be
> good where we'd just have one central server and all
> anyone would need would be a web browser.  This
> would prevent the need of having to update all of
> the clients also.  Currently we have 3 servers (one
> at each school) and data has to be "rolled-over"
> from one school to the next as a child progresses. 
> It's also a HUGE pain to do patches and upgrades
> because each server has slightly different data and
> requires individual work.
> We currently have less that 1000 students and I'm
> guessing around 200 employees total.  The  peak
> access times would be at the start of each class as
> teachers were entering attendance.
> So anyway, I thought a web-based app that handles
> all students (for all the schools) would be the way
> to go.  We are purchasing a few new servers that
> I've gotten the green light to install Linux on. 
> These will need to participate in a mixed Windows
> 2000 domain and MacOS 8,9 and 10 environment.
> I'm assuming most of the Python users on this list
> are partial to using it on Linux, but I could really
> create it on Windows as well.  One of the things I
> would have to tackle would be authentication against
> Active Directory if I built it on Linux.
> So here are my questions:
> 1.  Would you do a web-based app?
> 2.  What OS would you use?
> 3.  What Database would be best to use with Python? 
> A few years ago I created an order and invoicing web
> app using ASP and MS SQL 7.  I really liked the
> flexibililty and power of being able to use stored
> procedures and views in the SQL databse.  The ASP
> just diplayed the result sets most of the time.  Is
> there a better way?
> 4.  What webserver should I use (apache?) and in
> what way (mod_python, cgi?)?
> Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.
> Brian Jarrett
> Network Administrator
> Garfield County School District 16
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