[FRPythoneers] Considering programming our own school administration system in Python... need advise.

Mike Romberg romberg at fsl.noaa.gov
Thu Jul 10 11:31:34 MDT 2003

>>>>> " " == Brian Jarrett <bjarrett at garcoschools.org> writes:

     > So here are my questions: 

     > 1.  Would you do a web-based app?

  Sounds like a very reasonable thing to try.  But I'd avoid

     > 2.  What OS would you use?


     > 3.  What Database would be best to use with Python?  A few
     > years ago I created an order and invoicing web app using ASP
     > and MS SQL 7.  I really liked the flexibililty and power of
     > being able to use stored procedures and views in the SQL
     > databse.  The ASP just diplayed the result sets most of the
     > time.  Is there a better way?

     > 4.  What webserver should I use (apache?) and in what way
     > (mod_python, cgi?)?

  I'd probably take a good look at zope.


  It is a combination of a web server, database, scripting language
(python).  I think it can even talk to SQL databases.  But you might
find that you don't need this and can just use its builtin database.

Mike Romberg (romberg at fsl.noaa.gov)

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