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Another installment of the O'Reilly newsletter...

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Subject: Newsletter from O'Reilly UG Program, July 3
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O'Reilly User Group Program
July 3, 2003

Please share the information your members would be interested in....

Highlights This Week:
Book News
-Digital Video Pocket Guide
-Learning Web Design, 2nd Edition
-Building Wireless Community Networks, 2nd Edition
-Registration Is Open for the Second Annual O'Reilly Mac OS X
-Put Up an O'Reilly Mac OS X Conference Banner, Get A Free Book
-Can't Make OSCON the whole time? Day Passes are available
-"Go On Safari" Tip of the Week Winner--Christian Gagnon,
-The Future of Mozilla Application Development
-Put Up an O'Reilly ThinkGeek Banner, Get A Free Book
-Writing for O'Reilly
-Defending Your Site Against Spam
-Using the Jakarta Commons, Part 1
-Understanding Interfaces in .NET
-Super-Efficient Image Rollovers
-Self-Enhancing Stylesheets
-Making Movies with the Apple iSight

Book News
Review books are available--email me for a copy.

***Please include the book order number on your requests.

Let me know if you need your books by a certain date.
Allow at least four weeks for shipping.
Send or email me copies of your newsletters and book reviews.

Don't forget, your members get 20% off any O'Reilly book they purchase
directly from O'Reilly. Just use code DSUG when ordering.

***Group purchases with better discounts are available***
Please let me know if you are interested.

Press releases are available on our press page:

***Digital Video Pocket Guide
Order Number: 5237
The "Digital Video Pocket Guide" is organized into three chapters:
"What Is It?", "How Does It Work?", and "How Do I...Tips, Tricks, and
Techniques." Its compact size, organization, and detailed illustrations
make it easy to find the information you need. This is the ultimate
shooting companion that will help you create the videos you want to
show to friends, family, or even the world at large.

Sample Excerpts, "Tip 4: How to overcome backlighting," and "Tip 5: How
to cope with wind," are available online:

***Learning Web Design, 2nd Edition
Order Number: 4842
In "Learning Web Design," author Jennifer Niederst shares the knowledge
she's gained from years of web design experience, both as a designer
and a teacher. This book starts from the beginning--defining the
Internet, the Web, browsers, and URLs--so you don't need to have any
previous knowledge about how the Web works. After reading this book,
you'll have a solid foundation in HTML, graphics, and design principles
that you can immediately put to use in creating effective web pages.

Chapter 6, "Creating a Simple Page," is available online:

***Building Wireless Community Networks, 2nd Edition
Order Number: 5024
"Building Wireless Community Networks" is about getting people online
using wireless network technology. The 802.11b standard (also known as
WiFi) makes it possible to network towns, schools, neighborhoods, small
business, and almost any kind of organization. All that's required is a
willingness to cooperate and share resources. The first edition of this
book helped thousands of people engage in community networking
activities. This revised and expanded edition adds coverage on new
network monitoring tools and techniques, regulations affecting wireless
deployment, and IP network administration, including DNS and IP
Tunneling.  http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/wirelesscommnet2/

Chapter 3, "Network Layout, " is available online:
Conference News
***Registration Is Open for the Second Annual O'Reilly Mac OS X Conference
Do you want to tame Panther quickly, or live Apple's iLife to the
fullest? If so, the second annual O'Reilly Mac OS X Conference can take
you where you want to go with Apple's newest software and hardware. One
day of in-depth tutorials and three days of conference sessions cover
topics like network security, Cocoa, Java, Rendezvous, Quartz, AirPort
Extreme, workflow management, Unix administration, and much more. Some
of the many experts presenting at the conference include David Pogue,
Adam Engst, mmalcolm Crawford, Dan Wood, Andy Ihnatko, Robb Beal, and
Dan Frakes.

O'Reilly Mac OS X Conference
October 27-30, 2003
Westin Santa Clara, Santa Clara, CA

User Group members who register before September 12, 2003 get a double
discount. Use code DSUG when you register, and receive 20% off the
"Early Bird" price.

To register, go to:

***Put Up an O'Reilly Mac OS X Conference Banner, Get A Free Book
Yet another new banner offer--
We are looking for user groups to display our conference banners on
their web sites. If you send me the link to your user group site with
our O'Reilly Mac OS X Conference banner, I will send you the
O'Reilly book of your choice.

O'Reilly Mac OS X Conference Banners:

***Can't Make OSCON the whole time? Day Passes are available
(Sorry UG discount not available.)

To register, go to:

O'Reilly Open Source Convention
Portland Marriott Downtown,
Portland, OR
July 7-11, 2003
Safari News
***"Go On Safari" Tip of the Week Winner-- Christian Gagnon, MELUG-North
"Presently, I have a number of reference books in multiple locations, a
number of books I keep in my car, and a few that I carry around with
me.  (Perhaps your situation is similar?)  My next experiment with
Safari will be to add these references to my bookshelf and lighten my

Your group can also participate in this introductory program just for
user group members. To "Go on Safari," any of your members who sign up
for our Safari 14-day free trial can send comments on their
experiences, or tips and tricks for how they used Safari  (it only
needs to be 2 sentences long, but it may be longer) to
safari_talk at oreilly.com.  (Please include your UG name in the email.)

Every week someone will be chosen from the tips or comments submitted
to receive fun stuff from O'Reilly (T-shirts, book bags, or other
surprises). If a member of your user group is selected, your group
receives free gifts, too. Whatever the individual member receives, your
UG will get one, too, to give away at your next meeting, or use however
you see fit. Recipients--and their comments--will be announced in the
User Group Newsletter.

**Please use this special UG URL to sign up for the 14-day trial**

For more information on Safari:
News From O'Reilly & Beyond
General News
***The Future of Mozilla Application Development
Recently, mozilla.org announced a major update to its development
roadmap. David Boswell and Brian King provide an analysis of the new
roadmap, and demonstrate how to convert an existing XPFE-based
application into an application that uses the new XUL toolkit.

Brian and David are coauthors of "Creating Applications with Mozilla."
Order Number: 0529

***Put Up an O'Reilly ThinkGeek Banner, Get A Free Book
We are looking for user groups to display our ThinkGeek banners on
their web sites. If you send me the link to your user group site with
one of our O'Reilly ThinkGeek banners, I will send you the O'Reilly
book of your choice.

O'Reilly ThinkGeek Banners:

***Writing for O'Reilly
We're always looking for new authors and new book ideas. Our ideal
author has real technical competence and a passion for explaining
things clearly. We're happy to work with first time authors, and
encourage inquiries about virtually any topic. However, it helps if you
know that we tend to publish "high end" books rather than books for
dummies, and generally don't want yet another book on a topic that's
already well covered.
For more information, please check out:

Open Source
***Defending Your Site Against Spam
To users, unsolicited commercial e-mail is an annoyance. To mail server
administrators, it's a threat. Dru Nelson recently had his network
attacked by spammers. He explains the various defenses he considered
for protecting against future attacks.

***MySQL FULLTEXT Searching
Storing text in your database is handy, but searching can be a pain.
MySQL's FULLTEXT search can save your sanity. Joe Stump demonstrates
how it works and gives several ideas on how to use it in your own

***Using the Jakarta Commons, Part 1
Ever find yourself thinking "Someone's surely solved this problem
before?" That's the beauty of open source. In this first of three
articles, Vikram Goyal explores the Jakarta Commons, mature and
well-defined reusable Java components.

***Understanding Interfaces in .NET
.NET introduces the potentially confusing concept of an interface. An
interface is a contract that defines the signature of some piece of
functionality. Throughout the .NET framework, interfaces are used to
define that certain types have well-known behaviors. Nick Harrison
explains what interfaces are and how to use them in your own classes.

***Super-Efficient Image Rollovers
Danny Goodman shows you how to reduce the number of individual image
files downloaded to a browser to accomplish three-state image

Danny is the author of "JavaScript & DHTML Cookbook."
Order Number: 4672

***Self-Enhancing Stylesheets
Developing new stylesheets can be a chore. So why not let XSLT take the
load? This article shows how to easily check the coverage of your XSLT
and create skeleton stylesheets.

***Making Movies with the Apple iSight
Online conferencing is great, but what else can you do with your new
iSight? Actually, quite a bit. In this first installment of an ongoing
series, Derrick Story shows you how to make professional-looking
QuickTime movies with just an iSight and some very inexpensive

Until next time--


Jeffery Collins (http://www.boulder.net/~jcollins)

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