[FRPythoneers] Easiest way to XML enable my ISP's Python?

Sean Gillies sgillies at frii.com
Thu Jul 3 10:25:02 MDT 2003


I've uploaded a script which imports xml.dom.minidom to my account
on FRII.  On execution, it raises:

xml.sax._exceptions.SAXReaderNotAvailable: No parsers found

At home, my solution was to download expat (doesn't come with OS X),
install it and rebuild python.

FRII has expat installed.  Their staff may or may not feel
comfortable about rebuilding python (still using 2.1.1).  Is
there any easier option to install the expat parser?  I figure that
I'll get better/faster support from FRII if I can provide good
instructions for an east solution.


Sean Gillies
sgillies at frii dot com

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