[FRPythoneers] MIME attachment conversion and email module question

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> Erick Bodine wrote:
> >The attachment displays properly in Outlook.
> >How would I go about checking the MIME headers?
> >
> >
> Use Mozilla Mail.  It allows one to view the message source. This is
> something that, to my knowledge, cannot be done in Outlook or OE.
> You'll need to pay attention to all of the details.  For instance, I
> found one mail app that didn't display anything if the trailing dashes
> from the last seperator were missing.  Most others displayed the
> malformed messages fine.  Another one that's gotten me is failing to
> specify "Content-Transfer-Encoding" for base64 files, or "name" or
> "filename" subfields where necessary.
> The code looked OK to me, but again, I don't know the "email" package at
> all.
> -Rob
Though I agree Mozilla Mail makes it easy, OE actually does this pretty
well.  <right-click> on the listed message, <left-click> on Properties,
choose the Details tab, then the Message Source button.  Outlook also has
this view, but it's so deep in the options that it's a nuisance to remember.

If it's OE6, go to TOOLS>>OPTIONS>>SECURITY>>Virus Protection and make sure
the "Do not allow attachments to be saved or opened that could potentially
be a virus" option is NOT checked.  I believe it is checked by default.
This catches a lot of folks out.


Frank Whiteley

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