[FRPythoneers] a more generic sort

Andrew Diederich diederic at boulder.net
Tue Jan 21 12:51:09 MST 2003

Excellent.  Since my errors more or less bracketed that target (one is too
few, three too many) I suspected something like that.  I'll give your
suggestion a try.

Now I have to jsut figure out how to make the href I need to pass a
parameter back into the cgi so I can get that page to resort.  Hmm, maybe
that's what the ? are for in the url...very exciting.

I've been slowly learning python for a while now, and forcing myself to
use it for semi-useful things (like a company phone book) is how I learn
best.  My background is actually in economics and the Field Artillery.
I've thought it would be fun to figure out ballistics with python.
Interpolating the ballistics tables shouldn't be impossible; solving the
quad. equations harder.  Then I could throw in the cost/benefit of
different types of projectiles...

But that's way off topic.  Thanks for the help.


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