[FRPythoneers] http sessions newbie

Jim Vickroy Jim.Vickroy at noaa.gov
Thu Dec 18 13:55:38 MST 2003

Have you looked at the following packages:


included with the standard Python (2.3) distribution?

You may also wish to look at:


tudor at 1xtech.com wrote:

> First of all, hello to everybody!
> As there is no Python community in Romania, from where I come from, I
> chose to affiliate to frpythoneers. Hope that nobody has anything against
> my decision.
> Here comes my story.
> Few months ago, somehow unsatisfied with PHP, I decided it is time to
> learn something new, so, after a preliminary "market research" I picked up
> Python.
> A good choice in my opinion.
> The transition has not been too difficult, until I started working to a
> project which requires using http session (piece of cake in PHP).
> Can anyone recommend me a good Pyhton module for solving this issue.
> Anticipate thanks for any suggestion.
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