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Let us sit on the grass and tell stories of Tom Eastman

> Is it safe to emerge Python 2.3 at this point?
> I desperately need it for my own projects... so I either have to emerge it or
> just install it into my home directory.  I'd prefer to emerge it though.
> How are the Python Portage Porting People doing?  If I emerge python2.3 will I
> break portage?
> Otherwise, if I install python into my home directory.. will I have any
> problems accessing the third party modules in
> /usr/lib/python2.2/site-packages?  Or will I have to install all them by hand
> into my home-directory version as well?
> Tom
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just do what I did and emerge python 2.3 but keep the 'python' symlink in
/usr/lib pointing to 2.2.
It just means that when you want to invoke 2.3 you will need to specifically
type 'python2.3' but
portage and the like will still use 2.2.

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