[FRPythoneers] blue-collar python

Pettersen, Bjorn S BjornPettersen at fairisaac.com
Thu Aug 28 15:18:59 MDT 2003

> From: demian neidetcher [mailto:demian0311 at yahoo.com] 
> altho it's not a very glamorous use of python, i'm
> curious about who is using python to generate code?

Present :-)

We started out generating from db-schemas, until we got requirements for
diffent columns to be part of different xml representations, two diffent
algorithms for determining if two records are "equal", and finally
having to build a OO structure on top of simple record. Then we went to
text-files that were trivially parseable while still human readable (one
is almost csv, the other can be parsed by eval(open('xx').read()) :-)

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