[FRPythoneers] blue-collar python

Jim Vickroy Jim.Vickroy at noaa.gov
Thu Aug 28 15:05:35 MDT 2003

Similarly to you, I have used it to query a relational store for its schema and
then generate a simple Python class interface for each table.

demian neidetcher wrote:

> altho it's not a very glamorous use of python, i'm
> curious about who is using python to generate code?
> i have used it to generate java code directly from DB
> schemas.  i also have it nicely integrated with my
> editor (vim of course) to generate and otherwise
> manipulate code.
> http://www.ophinity.com/papers/wrangling/index.html
> i'm reading the fowler book on enterprise patterns.
> in passing, he mentions looking at his python and ruby
> scripts to see what patterns he uses when generating
> code from DB schemas.
> i also recall reading 'the pragmatic programmer' where
> they recommend using python and ruby for
> code-generation.
> so do you guys use python (or even jython) to generate
> code?
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