[FRPythoneers] blue-collar python

demian neidetcher demian0311 at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 28 14:19:05 MDT 2003

altho it's not a very glamorous use of python, i'm
curious about who is using python to generate code?

i have used it to generate java code directly from DB
schemas.  i also have it nicely integrated with my
editor (vim of course) to generate and otherwise
manipulate code.


i'm reading the fowler book on enterprise patterns. 
in passing, he mentions looking at his python and ruby
scripts to see what patterns he uses when generating
code from DB schemas.

i also recall reading 'the pragmatic programmer' where
they recommend using python and ruby for

so do you guys use python (or even jython) to generate

Demian L. Neidetcher
demian0311 at yahoo.com

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