[FRPythoneers] Considering programming our own school adminis tration system in Python... need advise.

Bill Simons BSimons at geographix.com
Mon Aug 4 09:44:04 MDT 2003

>> >What does it MEAN to use an application server?
>> Excellent question
>> [snip]
>> one comment that I especially liked:
>> "The application logic (here, the business logic) is embedded in some
>> form, let that be an EJB or CORBA [or Python] component, and the
>> application server allows us to get the services provided by those
>> components."
>> Your project idea is an easily understandable problem that's helped
>> me--a web programming ignoramus--understand web services a lot
>> Thanks!
> Just to be clear, you don't mean the concepts shoved under the big
> "Web services", do you?  Those tend to be an entirely different kettle
of fish 
> than the concepts behind Zope, EJB, etc.

I'm not sure.  If I understand, the two themes are content management
and web

* Content management involves templates and server-side processing to
 the visual presentation from everything else.  

* Web services are both for creating applications that run in the
browser and 
 for allowing remote procedure calls in a new-fangled way.

The school attendance project seems to fit the web application model.


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