[FRPythoneers] how to list timezone names?

Rob Riggs rob at pangalactic.org
Thu Sep 5 09:21:57 MDT 2002

On my Linux box there is a file /usr/share/zoneinfo/zone.tab that could 
be parsed to get this information. It's not a portable solution though. 
I don't know of any Python modules that do this. You might ask 
Marc-André Lemburg, the author of mxDateTime, if he knows of a portable 
way to get this information.

Wostenberg wrote:

> I'm doing a Python method in Zope Linux server that shows a list of 
> possible timezones (US/Pacific, US/Eastern, etc.) for use with the 
> time functions. So far I've hard wired this
> # timezones: Return a list of strings that are timezones
> tz = ["US/Mountain", "US/Pacific", "US/Central", "US/Eastern", "Other"]
> return tz
> because I couldn't find a function in the times package. Is there a 
> function?

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