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> Red Hat 8.0 was released today, and at last they seem
> to have upgraded to Python 2.2.1 and said farewell to
> 1.5.2. Hopefully we won't have more hazzle with python2
> on Red Hat.
> See:
> http://www.redhat.com/software/linux/technical/packages.html
> (At least the package called python is version 2.2.1,
> and there is no python2 package any longer. I tried to
> verify that all is well in the rpm, but all ftp mirrors
> seem to be busy... :)

Warning to all:  The Red Hat 7.3 Python 2.2.1 is compiled using the 
--enable-unicode=ucs4 option, which means that unicode characters are 32-bit 
encoded in native form.  This means you should be careful using extensions 
compiled with the default (ucs2), and in particular, see


According to Daniel Vieillard, it looks as if internal builds of RH just 
before the 8.0 release seemsed to be UCS2 rather than UCS4, so 7.3 might have 
been an anomaly, which increases even more the potential for confusion  :-)

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