[FRPythoneers] Meeting

Bob Gailer ramrom at earthling.net
Wed Mar 20 17:41:15 MST 2002

I regret missing Monday's meeting. I was just wiped out. How was it?

What resources are there to help us find assignments for Python / ZOPE work?

I am slugging thru the two books you asked me to review. The Python book 
will be fairly easy, as it is a straight-forward self-contained work.

The Zope application etc book will take more time, as the only fair way I 
can see to review it is to get the latest version of Zope installed, then 
download and try out some of the products.

I have to admit that, just reading about ZPatterns, leaves me "out in the 
cold". I'm not sure I'll understand it any better after trying it, but 
we'll see.

Bob Gailer
mailto:ramrom at earthling.net
303 442 2625

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