[FRPythoneers] Python seminar/casual conference suggestion

Evelyn Mitchell efm at tummy.com
Tue Mar 5 15:09:37 MST 2002

Hi all,

With the 'relatively' poor attendance of Python 10, there has been
some discussion of new ways to do conferences.

It sounds like the main annual conference will be held in conjunction
with the O'Reilly Open Source conference in California in the summer.

There has been a fair bit of discussion of holding a YAPC (Yet Another
Perl Conference) type event in addition to the main annual conference.
A YAPC is low-cost, high-volunteer, high-fun, casual and interesting.

I think Colorado is a perfect place to host a YAPC-style Python
conference.  But, before I suggest that on the discussion list talking
about alternative Python conferences, I'd like to get a reading of the
number of volunteers I can hope to get involved.

On the venue side, to keep costs down, we'll probably want to do this
at CU, DU or CSU. There's a list of requirements for venues at:
Does anyone have a faculty or staff contact at any of these universities
who could help in small ways to smooth the venue work?

In addition to venue selection (which is the first go/no-go point),
we'll need people to lead Publicity, Event Day planning, Speakers, 
Audio/Visual/Networking, Sponsorships/Fundraising, and Registration.

Based on my experience with the CLIQ, volunteers for these positions
should be ready to commit to:

  3 3-hour planning meetings over the first 6 weeks
  2 hours per week every week from initial meeting to 1 month before
    conference start date
  5 hours per week for the next 3 weeks
  1 full day before the conference
  x full days of the conference
  1 half day after the conference
  2 hours 1 week after the conference

For time commitment of 100-150 hours over the next months or year.
This is an average commitment. Publicity tends to have a lot of work
up front, while A/V/N does more work closer to the conference date.

If you're interested in helping with this, please let me know,
and I'll arrange the first planning meeting.

Regards,                    tummy.com, ltd 
Evelyn Mitchell             Linux Consulting since 1995
efm at tummy.com               Senior System and Network Administrators

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