[FRPythoneers] To Zope or not to Zope

Jonathan Corbet corbet-frp at lwn.net
Mon Mar 4 09:14:57 MST 2002

> If you have experience using Zope and are comfortable with it, it's
> probably a good way to go if you're trying to make web-driven apps.  I'm
> finding it very hard to get into though, and am a bit disappointed at my
> level of comfort with Zope considering I've spent more time learning it
> than I would have developing the hackingsociety.org pages I want out of
> straight Python...

I can relate.  I've been looking hard at technologies for the next LWN for
far too long...one of the sad conclusions that I have come to is that,
while I can figure out enough of Zope to do what I want, it would always be
hard for anybody else on the staff to understand how it all works.  There
is too much weird magic going on behind the scenes.  If you want go to
below the web management interface, it can be some hard slogging.

Zope's security also worries me.  How do you audit a Zope site in the face
of all the possible acquisition scenarios?  

Recently I've been messing with Quixote, a Python object publishing
framework put together by Andrew Kuchling and others.  If you want
simplicity, you'll find it there.  In my bashing around I've had to
reimplement things that come for free in Zope, but my progress toward the
real goal has also been faster.  And I think I can hand off the code to
others and expect them to be able to figure it out.  Quixote is at


Jonathan Corbet
Executive editor, LWN.net
corbet at lwn.net

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