[FRPythoneers] Oracle ODBC

Rob Riggs rob at pangalactic.org
Mon Jun 17 10:18:54 MDT 2002

Bob Gailer wrote:

> I am programming in Python (via IDLE and PythonWin) on a Win NT4 box, 
> accessing Oracle 8i database on Solaris 2.8 via Oracle's ODBC driver.
> I am having good success running pl/sql through this interface; what 
> I'd like to do is to get a value back from the pl/sql into Python. Any 
> ideas?
> Bob Gailer
> mailto:ramrom at earthling.net
> 303 442 2625
I'm not sure how to do this via ODBC. (I've never done it.) However, you 
can do this with DCOracle2, a Python DB API 2.0 compliant database 
adapter from Digital Creations. You do this by either using 
cursor.callproc() or the cursor.procedure object.



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