[FRPythoneers] Oracle ODBC

Karl Putland karl at putland.linux-site.net
Sat Jun 15 20:21:32 MDT 2002

On Sat, 2002-06-15 at 19:43, Bob Gailer wrote:
> I am programming in Python (via IDLE and PythonWin) on a Win NT4 box, 
> accessing Oracle 8i database on Solaris 2.8 via Oracle's ODBC driver.
> I am having good success running pl/sql through this interface; what I'd 
> like to do is to get a value back from the pl/sql into Python. Any ideas?

Try using DCOracle2 from the zope site.
It handles procedures and functinos very nicely.

Karl Putland
Director of Technical Operations
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