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Eric Brunson brunson at level3.net
Mon Jun 3 15:06:33 MDT 2002

Most MUAs call the local sendmail directly.  At least mail, Mail and
mailx do and I believe mutt, elm and pine do, also.  That's the
benefit of being on a unix platform, you can usually rely on a local
MTA being available.  Winblows and Mac MUA do not have that luxury.

You'd actually have to look at the documentation/implementation of the
smtplib module before you assume it doesn't attempt to call sendmail

The only benefit that I can think of off-hand to calling the sendmail
directly is the ability to set an account up as 'trusted' and
therefore able to spoof its envelope, if you have a reason to do that.

* J. Wayde Allen (wallen at its.bldrdoc.gov) [020603 14:58]:
> On Mon, 3 Jun 2002, Jim Vickroy wrote:
> > If you decide to use smtlib, here is a fragment illustrating its use:
> > 
> > #=================================
> > import smtplib, socket
> I tried this and it seems to work fine.  I do have a couple questions
> though.  The first one deals with security.  Is mail created this way
> treated the same as any other type of mail?  If so, then the virus filters
> should be able to work on the message content.
> The second question has to do with why you imported the socket module?
> - Wayde
>   (wallen at its.bldrdoc.gov)
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