[FRPythoneers] e-mail from cgi

Jim Vickroy Jim.Vickroy at noaa.gov
Mon Jun 3 15:04:11 MDT 2002

Importing the socket module was a mistake; the socket module is not needed; sorry
for the confusion.

With regard to the security question, as far as I know the answer is "yes", but I
must defer to those more knowledgeable about this than I am.

"J. Wayde Allen" wrote:

> On Mon, 3 Jun 2002, Jim Vickroy wrote:
> > If you decide to use smtlib, here is a fragment illustrating its use:
> >
> > #=================================
> > import smtplib, socket
> I tried this and it seems to work fine.  I do have a couple questions
> though.  The first one deals with security.  Is mail created this way
> treated the same as any other type of mail?  If so, then the virus filters
> should be able to work on the message content.
> The second question has to do with why you imported the socket module?
> - Wayde
>   (wallen at its.bldrdoc.gov)
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