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"Learn from the mistakes of others.  You don't have time to make them all
yourself."  In the rapidly changing field of software engineering, that is
especially true.

Last fall at Interlocken, CU began a 3-course series of graduate-level
software engineering courses that comprise the Software Engineering
Certificate program.  Each course is offered on campus also (in the
following semester).  For each successful course completion, you will have 3
hours of academic graduate credit that can be applied to any appropriate
engineering program at CU Boulder.

The three courses cover software engineering of stand-alone, multi-program,
and distributed software systems respectively.  The first and third courses
are being offered at Interlocken this fall while the middle course in the
series will be at Interlocken in the spring.  Course descriptions, times,
cost and registration details can be found at

Please contact me directly if you have questions about qualifications and
course content.  (Use email or my home-office phone number during the summer
for a faster response!)  Contact Silvie Kilworth at Continuing Education
with questions about registration, 303-492-8667.

If for any reason you don't have access to the web site, contact me with
your mailing or fax information and I will send you a paper version.

Finally, if your company has an "education fair" or some other vehicle that
will help us to get the word out about these courses, please tell me whom to
contact.  Thank you!

Ruth Dameron
Elec. & Comp. Engineering Dept.
CU office:  303-492-8369
Home office: 303-443-4481
dameron at nilenet.com

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