[FRPythoneers] Beautiful code

Evelyn Mitchell efm at tummy.com
Tue Jul 2 15:57:17 MDT 2002

* On 2002-07-02 21:39 Chris Riddoch <socket at peakpeak.com> wrote:
> Evelyn Mitchell <efm at tummy.com> writes:
> > There is an art exhibit in Chicago this summer on the topic of the beauty
> > of code. 
> > 
> > BEAUT.E(CODE): Decoding the Art of Computer Programming
> > Website: http://www.andreapolli.com/beaute(code)/#
> Not only is there no Python content, but there's no way to read the
> text on their website. The background is #00CC99. The text is
> #34AE93. I wonder if anybody actually tried to look at their website
> before publishing it, because I can't find any screen settings that
> make it legible.
> On the other hand, it's a really cool idea for an exhibit. I'd like to
> see it.

Could you get any of the links on the left hand side to work?

Supposedly the catalog for the exhibit is the quotes from the famous
computer scientists, delivered on punch cards.

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