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Can you post more information about the O'Reilly User Group Program? Thanks.

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> O'Reilly User Group Program has some books they're sending out
> for review. The ones that looked interesting for Pythoneers are:
> Order Number: 0952
> "Programming Web Services with SOAP" introduces you to building
> distributed Web-based applications using the SOAP, WSDL, and UDDI
> protocols. You'll learn the XML underlying these standards, as well as
> how to use the popular toolkits for Java and Perl. The book also
> addresses security and other enterprise issues.
> http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/progwebsoap/
> Order Number: 2025
> "Programming Jabber" offers developers a chance to learn and understand
> the Jabber technology and protocol from an  implementer's point of view
> Detailed information of each part of the Jabber protocol is introduced,
> explained, and discussed in the form of mini-projects, or simple and
> extended examples in Perl, Python, and Java.
> http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/jabber/
> If anyone would like to get a copy of these to review, let me know.
> Evelyn Mitchell
> efm at tummy.com
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