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XP Denver will be hosting guest speaker Alan Shalloway for a special
presentation on Tuesday, March 5th at the Qwest Auditorium in Downtown
Denver. Doors open at 6:00pm for networking and the meeting commences at
6:30pm. As always, XP Denver events are free and open to the public. Alan
recently collaborated with Jim Trott on the book "Design Patterns Explained:
A New Perspective on Object-Oriented Design" published by Addison-Wesley.
The regular March meeting is still scheduled for Monday, March 25 with guest
speakers Monica Bush and Steve Carter examining Paired Programming in

If you have an interest in refactoring, design patterns or extreme
programming, you will find this free seminar of interest. The seminar will
illustrate how good, high-level designs can be accomplished by the
application of good local coding rules. Learn:
- what refactoring is
- how to implement the Strategy and Bridge patterns
- the importance of loose coupling, high cohesion and no redundancy

http://netobjectives.com/events/pr_den_2002_02_refactoring.htm for more
information. While Alan is in town, he will also be presenting a 2 day
course on design patterns. Visit
http://netobjectives.com/courses/c_pubsched.htm for more information.

Visit www.xpdenver.org for additional information on this and prior


6:00 - 6:30 PM  Networking

6:30 - 8:30 PM  Alan's presentation


Alan Shalloway is a Senior Consultant with Net Objectives. Net Objectives'
mission is guiding and empowering customers in their software development
efforts via courses and coaching. Their vision is for effective and
efficient software development without suffering. Areas of expertise include
design patterns, XML, UML, XP, RUP, Java and C++.


The Qwest auditorium is at their building on the corner of 17th and Curtis
at 1005 17th Street. At street level, to the right of the escalators, are
doors leading to elevators. Take an elevator to the "A" level (Auditorium).

In addition to street parking, there is an outside parking lot on the East
side of the Qwest building that costs $5 after 4pm. Several other lots are
within a few blocks and covered parking can be found in the Tabor Center for


Thanks also go out to our regular XP Denver sponsors responsible for making
this month's meeting possible:

- BoldTech (www.boldtech.com)
- Qwest (www.qwest.com)
- NetObjectives (www.netobjectives.com)

If your company is interested in sponsoring XP Denver meetings or events,
please contact sponsors at xpdenver.org.

- Alex Viggio

x  X P  D E N V E R
p  www.xpdenver.org
d  info at xpdenver.org

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