[FRPythoneers] Zope scope question

Charles Morrison cmorrison at greeleynet.com
Thu Feb 14 10:07:23 MST 2002

Michael, thanks for your comments. For various reasons I need to keep this data in an external 

The real issue I'm having is the format the form data is in when passed to the next form when the 
cgi form is on a results page from another cgi form. 

Page 1 --> includes form 1 only
Form 1 --> One element: date or ID for method 1 query supplied by user
Method 1 --> uses data from form 1 to lookup and display data.<-- works fine
Page 2 --> display of data, and Form 2 <--works fine
Form 2 --> One element: primary key value for method 2 query supplied by user
Method 2 --> Look up values to fill form elements of form 3 <-- format changes here ****
	format change causes query (method 2) to fail (returns no records)

However, if Form 2 is run by itself (not included on a results page) everything succeeds
and data is passed in normal format.

It's kind of convoluted but the end results are:


instead of    


When using python I seem to remember being able to specify which namespace level I wanted 
to get the data from. I don't remember whether it gave it to me cleanly or not as it was 
a few years back. I may have had to parse the format back then too. I don't have access to
that code anymore to see. I do remember doing it in python scripts and calling it from zope.
Maybe it was because of this kind of issue.

With Zope I can specify the level (REQUEST), but it doesn't change the format of the data. It's
looking like I'll just have to run it through a parsing routine that returns only the numbers.

Chuck Morrison

On Wed, 13 Feb 2002, Charles Morrison contacted me regarding: Re:[FRPythoneers] Zope scope question
>>/ Yes, but only recently and haven't seen any answers yet. I'm trying out a
/>>/ python script to parse the value, but I'd like to know if I'm just doing
/>>/ something dumb to get the problem to begin with.
/>/> >Chuck,
>I have not worked with ZSQL as yet, but I am working on the searchable job board tutorial.  I 
>wanted to give it edit and delete capability, as well as posting.  I'm just using the ZODB and 
>ZClasses to accomplish this.  I have a ZClass named JobBoard and a Folder named 
>"Job_Board" with another child-folder named "entries".  The entries folder is where the entries 
>are stored, as well as the addProcessor, edit_processor and deleteProcessor.

>I have a posting form which calls the addProcessor and an editing form which calls the 
>editProcessor.  The DTML I use to edit is as follows:

><dtml-call "propertysheets.entry_info.manage_changeProperties(REQUEST)">
><dtml-call reindex_object>

>I'm not sure if this will help at all, but good luck!

>Michael Lewis

>       "Linux - The final solution"


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