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Michael michael at exasource.com
Wed Feb 13 16:16:17 MST 2002


Have you tried posing this question to the Zope list?

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On Wed, 13 Feb 2002, Charles Morrison contacted me regarding: [FRPythoneers] Zope scope question
> I'm wondering if anyone can give me a clue on using or parsing scope
> issues in zope.
> I'm working on a zope + database application where I need to edit
> existing database records. What I'm doing works very well up to a point.
> I've created a dtml method which is a cgi form. It send's it's value to
> another dtml method which uses a <dtml-in > (to a zmysql method)to grab
> the record data and fill it into another cgi form. That form send's the
> revised data to another zmysql method. This all works fine when running
> the original dtml method as itself or imbedded in a dtml document.
> What I'm running into is that if I embed the first dtml method into the
> result of another query - like showing all records from a particular
> date - I run into a format change for the passed form element I don't
> know how to deal with. Specifically: Normally if I enter the value 109
> into the form, the value passed to the next method is 106. It works
> fine, I expect it and use it that way. When I go out of scope, the
> passed value is ['106','']. This messes up my query and I get no matches.
> I had originally thought that the problem was related to having the
> calling form in a directory above the called method. This turned out to
> not be the case as it happens when they are in the same directory.
> I also copied the content of the cgi form method into the results page
> directly (not using the <dtml-var> tag to call it. This didn't make any
> difference.
> I've tried using <dtml-with REQUEST>  when looking up the passed value,
> but the result is the same.
> Any hints on how I can get a clean value or parse the value so I could
> use it without resorting to a python script ?
> Chuck Morrison
> cmorrison at greeleynet.com
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