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Hi all. Many of you know me from presentations I have done in the area
before or from my book: Design Patterns Explained: A New Perspective on
Object-Oriented Design and have told me you like to know when I will do
events in the Denver area (particularly free ones :) I therefore hope no one
considers this spam as I am looking for your input to offer you all a free
seminar of your choosing (along with a paying seminar to make my efforts

I have been doing quite a bit of XP training recently and particularly
looking at the relationship between XP and design patterns. After 2 years of
effort (confusion really :) I finally understand why the XP practice of
using refactoring to get emergent design can lead to the same high quality
solutions that patterns lead to. Recently, I did a seminar on this called
"Refactoring, Design Patterns and XP"
( http://www.netobjectives.com/events/pr_2002_01_refactoring.htm ) which was
very well received.

I am coming to Denver in March to do an on-site (private) design patterns
class and am considering offering a free evening seminar, as well as a
public 1-2 day course in the March 5-7th timeframe.

I would like your input on topics.

Choices for free seminar (held in the evening):
1) An Introduction to Design Patterns (see
http://netobjectives.com/events/pr_2001_07_podev.htm )
2) Refactoring, Design Patterns and XP (see earlier URL)
3) An Introduction to Lightweight Methods (see
http://netobjectives.com/events/pr_2001_11_lpa.htm )

Choices for the 1 or 2 day course:
1) (1 day) Design Patterns Explained
2) (1 day) An Introduction to Agile Development (our XP intro) (see
3) (1 day) An expanded version of the Refactoring, Design Patterns
and XP seminar that would go into much more detail. This would
demonstrate the dangers of a noun/verb design model as well as show
how design patterns, emergent design and design with
commonality/variability analysis all leads to the same place.
4) (2 days) Pattern Oriented Design class (see

If you are interested in either the free seminar or a 1-2 day course,
tell me which seminar and/or course you'd be interested in.

Alan Shalloway
Sr Consultant, 425-260-8754, http://www.netobjectives.com
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