[FRPythoneers] wireless messaging in python?

Wostenberg pwos at attbi.com
Fri Dec 20 17:49:22 MST 2002

Uche Ogbuji wrote:

>>A better way to text messages cellphones is through a provider like 
>>http://www.simplewire.com .  However they don't have a Python api and 
>>charge 5 cents a message (2 cents if I prepay for a million) which eats 
>>up half my revenue.
>>Is anybody a wireless guru or know of Python opensource wireless 
>>messaging projects I could tap into?
>Just a thought: if they have a Java API, you could use it via Jython.  This 
>would also simplify the port if you figured out a way to do it in Python again.
>If they have a C API, SWIG, Pyrex or Psyco might be the ticket.
Thanks, Uche. My simplewire.com api choices are  ActiveX, Java, Perl, 
PHP or "shared object". Any suggestions which plays best with Python?

FYI a google on "python sms" turned up a 1998 article

-- Alan
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