[FRPythoneers] Distutils question

Matt Gushee mgushee at havenrock.com
Sun Aug 25 20:36:14 MDT 2002

Hi, Folks--

I'm finally getting around to learning how to use DistUtils, but there's
one or two things I'm finding puzzling. First of all: is there a simple
way to tell DistUtils to install non-Python files as a part of the
package tree? 

Let's say I have a package called 'Botty' which is going to get
installed as $PREFIX/$PYTHON/site-packages/Botty. The package includes a
set of icons in an 'icons' subdirectory, which I want installed as
$PREFIX/$PYTHON/site-packages/Botty/icons. Calling it a sub-package of
Botty doesn't seem to work, because the icons aren't Python files. 

I know I can specify a 'data' argument in my setup script, but without
some pretty sophisticated path-hacking, the icons are liable to wind up
in /var/lib or some other odd corner of the filesystem.

Any suggestions?

Matt Gushee
Englewood, Colorado, USA
mgushee at havenrock.com

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