[FRPythoneers] Python for Smalltalkers

Wostenberg pwos at attbi.com
Wed Aug 14 09:05:41 MDT 2002

Thanks, Mat, Chris, for the info. From the Smalltalk frying pan into the 
Python fire it is!

In Smalltalk we have a semiannual Camp Smalltalk in which a gang meets 
to practice extreme programming for the Opensource cause in an offsite 
setting. This year's Spring one was in Colorado Springs; the one in Fall 
is in France http://wiki.cs.uiuc.edu/CampSmalltalk/CS5 .

Anything like Camp Python I should know about?


Matt Boersma wrote:

>On Wed, 7 Aug 2002, Wostenberg wrote:
>>It's difficult to draw a living in Smalltalk here in Denver so I was 
>>wondering how's the Python market? What types of places use Python? I 
>>picture governments and nonprofits going for the opensource way but 
>>maybe am wrong.
>Hi Alan-
>As one example, we have 5 full-time developers here at Array BioPharma 
>doing python development for internal chemoinformatics tools, with only 
>the occasional interruption to patch up legacy Java or VB code.  We're a 
>for-profit biotech company (see yesterday's Boulder Daily Camera business 
>section for a flattering article).  We chose python because we wanted to 
>narrow the set of languages and technologies we work with, and after an 
>internal "language shootout," python won easily based mainly on its 
>productivity potential.
>So there are at least some people around here getting paid to do python.  
>(I wish I could say we were hiring right now, sorry...)  I got to attend 
>O'Reilly's Open Source Conference two weeks ago and meet Guido, and it was 
>clear that python is quite strong and growing nationally, and even more 
>so in Europe.
>But it's still a niche technology on recruiters' radar, so I wonder if 
>there are actually a few more jobs in the area that involve python but 
>don't explicitly say so, either because they assume no one will bite, or 
>because the recruiter or HR folk don't know what it is.  And when we were 
>filling positions, we didn't bother screening for python skills because we 
>felt any moderately experienced developer (especially a Smalltalker) could 
>pretty much learn it and start writing code in a day or so.
>The python jobs I've seen listed around here in recent memory were 
>something at NCAR a year back, and Yellow Dog Linux wanted a contractor to 
>write installers in python.  Denver.techies.com doesn't show any hits for 
>"python" right now.  :-( 
>Just one data point,
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