[FRPythoneers] Python for Smalltalkers

Christopher Hart hart at hartedwards.com
Thu Aug 8 10:22:19 MDT 2002


I've only seen Python used in the corporate world, however there's never
been a strong market demand. I can't say there's any consistency between the
companies that use Python as it's more of a grass roots-level thing.

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Chris Hart
Agile Objectives, LLC

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> Hi, gang. I'm a Smalltalker looking at this Python thingme, since I'm
> coming up on Zope and CMF. I googled "Python Smalltalk" and read some of
> the articles comparing and contrasting the two.
>  From the 50,000 foot level Python is one of the purer OO languages.
> It's difficult to draw a living in Smalltalk here in Denver so I was
> wondering how's the Python market? What types of places use Python? I
> picture governments and nonprofits going for the opensource way but
> maybe am wrong.
> -Alan Wostenberg
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