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hirsch at zapmedia.com hirsch at zapmedia.com
Mon Apr 22 13:53:16 MDT 2002

I use snavigator a lot, too.  It vary valuable, but I keep wishing it
were a whole lot better.  Even more, I wish that development on it
were continuing.  As far as I can tell, this project was essentially
orphaned when Cygnus got bought by RH.


Riggs, Rob writes:
 > Excellent suggestion. I just found that this is installed as part of Red Hat
 > 7.2 and includes Python support. It's quite nice. It supports multiple
 > source control systems, has a decent editor with Python syntax highlighting,
 > and has a functional (if not complete) Python class browser. Joy!
 > The support for Python can use enhancement by adding support for things like
 > docstrings and introspection of method signatures. Nothing's perfect.
 > It looks like RH are distributing Windows, Solaris and HPUX binaries as
 > well.
 > http://sources.redhat.com/sourcenav/
 > -Rob
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 > From: rm at fabula.de [mailto:rm at fabula.de]
 > - source navigator from Cygnus/Red Hat. This is the _one_ tool i have come
 >   to love recently. It helps me a lot to investigate  other programmers code
 >   an building a source navigator project database is the first step i do
 > when
 >   i start to work on a new project (i'm just knee deep in Apache 2 code
 > where there's
 >   not that much written documentation yet. Stepping throught the request
 > cycle with 
 >   the gvd debugger and snavigtor's symbol retriver and class/structure
 > browser helped
 >   a lot). Only drawback: it uses the "wrong" scripting language :-)
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