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Riggs, Rob RRiggs at doubleclick.net
Mon Apr 22 10:26:26 MDT 2002

Excellent suggestion. I just found that this is installed as part of Red Hat
7.2 and includes Python support. It's quite nice. It supports multiple
source control systems, has a decent editor with Python syntax highlighting,
and has a functional (if not complete) Python class browser. Joy!

The support for Python can use enhancement by adding support for things like
docstrings and introspection of method signatures. Nothing's perfect.

It looks like RH are distributing Windows, Solaris and HPUX binaries as



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- source navigator from Cygnus/Red Hat. This is the _one_ tool i have come
  to love recently. It helps me a lot to investigate  other programmers code
  an building a source navigator project database is the first step i do
  i start to work on a new project (i'm just knee deep in Apache 2 code
where there's
  not that much written documentation yet. Stepping throught the request
cycle with 
  the gvd debugger and snavigtor's symbol retriver and class/structure
browser helped
  a lot). Only drawback: it uses the "wrong" scripting language :-)

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