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On Monday, April 22nd, XP Denver will have the priviledge of hosting guest
Kent Beck for a special discussion on Extreme Programming related topics
starting around 6:30pm. The meeting will be held at the Qwest Auditorium in
Downtown Denver. Doors open at 6:00pm for a networking and refreshments. The
Qwest auditorium holds 120 so feel free to invite others interested in XP.
Kent isn't in town that often so this is a great opportunity.

Kent is the author of Extreme Programming Explained (XP's "White Book"), and
co-authored Planning Extreme Programming with Martin Fowler. His books and
speaking engagements have helped to open up the software industry to the
benefits of XP and other pragmatic software development techniques.

Kent will also be speaking on a new programming concept the following
evening in Colorado Springs sponsored by Lockheed Martin; Sparks,
Willson, P.C.; IEEE; and the UCCS College of Business. The details
for this talk on "permaprogramming" went out in an earlier email to
XPD list. This should be a topic of interest to XPers covering
useful design principles for working with complicated, changing,
interconnected systems. For more information, contact Dr. Alan Davis at
719-262-3579 or 719-338-6664.

Scheduled April speaker Rex Fowler has graciously rescheduled his talk on
Design by Contract for our next meeting on May 27th. Visit www.xpdenver.org
for additional information on this and prior meetings.


6:00 - 6:30 PM  Networking and refreshments

6:30 - 6:35 PM  Announcements and door prize giveaways

6:35 - 8:00 PM  Kent Beck discussion


Kent Beck is the founder and director of Three Rivers Institute
(www.threeriversinstitute.org). He has pioneered patterns for software
development, the xUnit family of testing frameworks, the HotDraw drawing
editor framework, CRC cards, refactoring, and most recently Extreme
Programming. He is the author of Extreme Programming Explained, Planning
Extreme Programming, and The Smalltalk Best Practice Patterns.

Kent lives on 20 acres in rural southern Oregon with his wife, five children
(one sadly now gone to college), four dogs, two sheep, and a variable number
of domestic fowl.


The Qwest auditorium is at their building on the corner of 17th and Curtis
at 1005 17th Street. At street level, to the right of the escalators, are
doors leading to elevators. Take an elevator to the "A" level (Auditorium).

In addition to street parking, there is an outside parking lot on the East
side of the Qwest building that costs $5 after 4pm. Several other lots are
within a few blocks and covered parking can be found in the Tabor Center for


This meeting was made possible by the following sponsors:

- Qwest (www.qwest.com)
- Kuvera Enterprise Solutions (www.kuvera.com)
- Softpro Books (www.softpro.com)
- Addison-Wesley (www.awl.com)
- O'Reilly & Associates (www.oreilly.com)

XP Denver would like to acknowledge Dr. Alan M. Davis with UCCS and the
sponsors of Kent's Colorado Springs talk who made this visit possible:
Lockheed Martin; Sparks, Willson, P.C.; IEEE; and the UCCS College of

Thanks also go out to our other regular XP Denver sponsors for supporting
our community:

- Object Mentor (www.objectmentor.com)
- BoldTech (www.boldtech.com)
- Clarkware Consulting (www.clarkware.com)

If your company is interested in sponsoring XP Denver meetings or events,
please contact sponsors at xpdenver.org.

- Alex Viggio

x  X P  D E N V E R
p  www.xpdenver.org
d  info at xpdenver.org

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