[FRPythoneers] Looking for a consultant

Sue Giller sag at hydrosphere.com
Mon Apr 15 12:52:47 MDT 2002

We are a small company seeking to hire a python consultant.  Right now, 
our need is short-term and limited, but we hope the scope will grow.

We are developing a commercial application that uses a Visual Basic 
front end, python COM objects for middleware, and Access as the back 
end.  Obviously, this is currently for the Windows arena.  This is a simple 
application that is deployed onto a PC, not distributed across the web.

Right now, we need someone who can help us develop an installation for 
this package.  This person would have a good understanding of the issues 
in deploying Visual Basic applications and OCX files, MDAC, python 
COM and support modules, and other accessory files in a professional 
manner onto Windows 9x, 2000 and ME.

In the future, we hope to move from the MS software to more open 
source software for the presentation layer and the database layer.  So, 
knowledge of developing cross-platform GUIs and databases would be a 
plus for us.  We would also ask the ‘right’ person to assist us by 
reviewing our python code and future extensions to it.

Anyone interested in discussing this further should contact me, Sue 
Giller, via email at sag at hydrosphere.com.

sue giller
hydrosphere data products
boulder, co

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