[FRPythoneers] postgres and python?

Mike.Olson molson at fourthought.com
Tue Apr 2 22:33:13 MST 2002

On Sun, 31 Mar 2002, Karl Putland wrote:

What operating system are you using?  I've used PyGres pretty sucsessfully
on linux.  We have also had some luck with it on Wndows, but it does
segfaul after a bit.


> Which modules have people used?
> I've got PostgreSQL 7.2 and python2.2.
> The _pgmodule.so, pg.py and pgdb.py that came with PostgreSQL
> segfault when connection to a database.
> psycopg, I'm having troubles using it with Webware.
> I've implemented a connection pool that holds one
> connection per webware thread.  The problem I'm having
> is that an insert and commit on one thread are not visible
> on some of the others even though it is visible in psql.
> So I'm about to investigate PoPy. Does anyone have exerience
> (good of bad) with PoPy?
> Or possible insight into the best module to use with PostgreSQL?
> --Karl
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