[FRPythoneers] re: Pickling objects into a file

Sue Giller sag at hydrosphere.com
Tue Oct 9 12:19:43 MDT 2001


I have some more information on the problem I am having with 
pickling object data (see previous message with same topic sent 

The problem seems to be in either UserArray (which comes with 
Numeric) or in Numeric.  If the array is created with a typecode of 
Object, the unpickling fails.  Other typecodes work fine.

The arrays I create are based on UserArray, and are given a 
typecode of Object, but are filled with numeric values (integers in my 
test case, but could be float or long).  Does anyone know how to 
successfully pickle such arrays?

I still wonder why I can pickle and unpickle these arrays when done 
in a single session, but get the GPF when I just unpickle the files in 
a separate session.

Is there anyone out there who uses UserArray or some equivalent 
for data handling who can suggest either a fix for this, or point me to 
a better behaved array module?  I need to be able to store 
homogenous data values in arrays, have an ability to handle the 
concept of Missing Value (I like the None value for the object 
typecode, instead of having to create a set of Missing Values, one 
for each numeric storage type), and have some standard array 
transformations available, such as are provided by UserArray.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



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