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Evelyn Mitchell efm at tummy.com
Fri Nov 16 07:50:21 MST 2001

Though this is Java-inspired, Design Patterns are an important
concept for Python developers. (Plus if we seed the group with
Pythonistas, they may see the benefit.) 

Shalloway's book on Design Patterns is quite good, and I highly
recommend it. The last time I corresponded with him, he mentioned
he's becoming much more interested in Python.

Evelyn Mitchell
efm at tummy.com

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I'm considering starting a Design Pattern study/discussion group (with the
implementation focus primarily on Java).

It would start with a discussion of Alan Shalloway's perspective as outlined
in "Design Patterns Explained" and his recent ACM (Boulder Chapter) seminar.
Then I would expect to branch out to a full study of the GoF's
"Design Patterns" and other published papers and proceedings on the subject.
I'm expecting that we will get into the actual implementation details of
prior or current projects of the participants and in this manner weigh the
pros and cons of using different patterns or modifications of patterns (and
get feedback from others).  I do not intend the group to be a tutorial
session for attendees, but rather a place to "cement" the patterns and the
terminology into our daily working knowledge through discussion.  I do
expect, though, that the first few sessions will be spent discussing the
basic OO concepts that run through most of the patterns so that we all have
a good foundation and an agreed-upon vocabulary for future discussions.

The only requirements are an understanding of the Java language and an
ability to come prepared for discussion (outside reading and study).

Anyone who is interested can contact me directly or through the discussion
list for general ideas that they may wish to share on the subject.

Once we get an idea of who wants to participate, we can begin a discussion
as to times and place (as I am fairly open).


Tim Kemper
Senior Java Developer
Valencia Systems, Inc.
tkemper at valenciasystems.com

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