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I might be interested in giving a Unit Testing and Extreme Python talk. Had
a schedule conflict with the XP meeting last night so couldn't attend.
Sorry, XP is bigger priority than Python right now. ;-)

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> May Front Range Pythoneers Meeting Report
> 9 in attendance
> Topics discussed:
>    - Python Training in Colorado -- it is the best place in the country to
> get training (Mark Lutz, Kaivo, Sean Reifschneider).
>    - How to find Python Programmers -- I think FRPythoneers is the best
> place to find experienced Python Programmers in Colorado right now.
> if you've got good programmers already, Python is an easy language to
>    - Using Zope with 2.1 - There have been good reports.. we need Unicode!
>    - Report Writer - the easiest way to manage PDF, programmatic templates
>       for PDF output
>    - Website - volunteers please contact me (efm-frpythoneers at tummy.com)
>    - Topics for future meetings --
>       June 2001 -- Jeffery Collins - Pippy Python for the Palm
>       July 2001 -- Python and Tkinter
>       August 2001 -- Python and Databases (Oracle, ODBC, PostgreSQL, DBI)
>       September 2001 -- Python IDEs on WinX (PythonWin, Komodo,
>       October 2001 -- Profiling Python
>       Not Scheduled (Looking for presenters:)
>          - Unit Testing and Extreme Python
>          - Zope
> Presentation: Sean Reifschneider on new features in 2.1
> 2.1 stable was released last month, which marks the first of the
> new, faster series of releases.  In order to better manage the
> direction and pace of changes, lots of new features were added:
>   - PEP directed development
>       Python Enhancement Proposals (PEP) python.sf.net/peps
>       Everyone can suggest changes and improvements to Python now,
>       and the discussion about the changes is collected along with
>       the PEP. This gives the community a clearer view into the process
>       and tradeoffs of Python development. It may also reduce the
>       FAQs of "Why don't you do _this_?" If it is a feature which was
>       discussed in a PEP already, the reason why it wasn't included
>       should be attched to the original PEP.
>   - __future__ and Warning Framework
>       With all of the changes proposed over the next few release cycles,
>       it is important to be able to use new features in a way which
>       doesn't break old code.
>         With __future__, you can request new features that may break old
>         code. Someone joked, "What about
>           from __past__ import no_nested_scopes
>         ?"
>         The Warning Framework gives a lot of flexability in turning off
>         warnings (what you'd like to do with the warning, what message
>         you're looking for, the category of warning, the module it
>         occurs in, the line number in the module). This lets you postpone
>         fixing warnings related to Python language change explicitly,
>         while preserving warnings that are important to fix immediately.
>    - New Build System
>        Distutils rocks!
>    - Weak References
>        Kind of like a cache for expensive operations, your program can
>        release resources associated with a large data item or expensive
>        calculation if other activities need them, while preserving
>        the reference to them. Then, when your program needs the item
>        pointed to by the reference, it looks at the weak reference.
>        If the item is gone, the weak reference has a callback to the
>        code to re-create the item.
>     - Function Attributes
>        Stop using __doc__ to hold extra information about something.
>        Function attributes are meta data about functions.
>        It doesn't sound like they have been formalized in common usage
>        yet (another PEP perhaps?)
>     - Lots and lots of other new features
>     - References: http://www.amk.ca/python/2.1
> Next Meeting:
>   Monday June 18 2001
>   Abacus Direct, 11101 West 120th Avenue, Broomfield CO
>     (Corner of Network Drive and Interlocken Loop, head for the
>     Jefferson County Airport West Entrance)
>   6:30 Informal discussion
>   7:00 (presentation starts, no admittance due to security)
>   Jeffrey Collins on Pippy - Python for the Palm
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