[FRPythoneers] Python to the rescue!

Ken Kinder kkinder at tridog.com
Fri May 18 15:55:28 MDT 2001

One question: why did you import dbi AND odbc? I've just been importing
odbc. Am I doing something wrong?

Evelyn Mitchell wrote:
> I don't use Windows very often, and I don't have much Windows
> software (I dislike paying the Microsoft tax, and I don't have
> to use their tools if there is an alternative like StarOffice).
> Today, one of our clients was trying to connect to a postgreSQL
> database we had installed on a Linux server, using ODBC from Win98.
> They were testing using the ODBC built into Excel. I don't own
> a copy of Excel, and didn't want to buy a copy for this.
> So, Sean suggested that I use the ODBC connection built into
> Python for Win32 to test that everything was installed correctly.
> I was using the
> After downloading Python 2.1 for Win32:
>   http://www.pytohon.or/download/download_windows.html
> and win32all.exe from ActiveState:
>   http://aspn.activestate.com/ASPN/Downloads/ActivePython/Extensions/Win32all
> I was able to write a test program to confirm the database/odbc
> driver chain was working correctly:
> import odbc, dbi
> try:
>    s = odbc.odbc('DSN/uname/pw')
>    cur = s.cursor()
>    c = cur.execute('select * from pg_tables')
>    while 1:
>       rec = cur.fetchmany(10)
>       if not rec: break
>       print rec
> except NameError, e:
>    print 'error ', e, 'undefined'
> It was the first time I had used Pythonwin, and I was quite
> impressed with how nice it is as an IDE. (Not impressed enough
> to give up Linux though!).
> Evelyn Mitchell
> efm at tummy.com
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Ken Kinder
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