[FRPythoneers] Python Training in the Broomfield area?

Mark Lutz lutz at rmi.net
Mon May 7 11:26:29 MDT 2001

Hi Rob,

I'm not sure how much detail you want here, but suffice
it to say that there are indeed Python services in the area.

As others pointed out on the list, I do Python training both
here on the Front Range and beyond.  I've taught my class 
over 40 times now, and have been in the Python training 
business since 1997 (in fact, it's all I do these days, apart
from writing Python books).  My main training page is here:


I offer three specific options which might be helpful:

1) On-site classes: I come to your site and train your group
there.  Broomfield is a short commute for me (I'm based in
Colorado), and this option is generally cheaper unless you 
have a small group and are willing to drive to other sites.

2) Kaivo classes: Kaivo (www.kaivo.com) is hosting Python
classes in downtown Denver, which I teach (they handle all 
the admin and registration details).  They just scheduled two 
sessions for this Summer, June 25-27, and Aug 13-15.

3) TCPC classes: I also periodically teach my Python class
at Tom Christiansen's facility in Boulder.  The next class
session there is scheduled for May 23-25, and they seem 
to have set one up for November too.  TCPC does all the
admin work for these sessions; for more details, please see

Please explore these and other options on your own, but 
the on-site option (1) tends to work out better (only I have
to travel to a site), and also is generally cheaper if you have
roughly 5 or more students in a group.  Kaivo and TCPC 
charge somewhere around $1300 per head for the 3-day 
session (with group discounts), so this can get expensive
for a big group.  But please consult all three pages above 
for more accurate fee information.

Kaivo and TCPC sessions also only happen if enough 
people sign up for them, but this hasn't been a problem 
in general.

--Mark Lutz  (http://www.rmi.net/~lutz)

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> I'm curious if anyone is offering Python training in the area? One of
> the concerns my employer has regarding Python adoption is the ability to
> find Python programmers, and train existing staff in Python. I think I
> can overcome the former if the latter is available.
> URLs pointing to class schedules and costs would be a big help.
> -- 
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